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FAQ - Vendor

How do I access the BrideGenie marketplace?

  • You can access the marketplace either via our web app (, IOS app (releasing in April 2020), or Android app (releasing in Fall 2020)
  • You can register with an email & password or via your Google/Facebook account.

Why is BrideGenie so different--why is it patented?

BrideGenie is designed and built by vendors, for vendors (with thousands of hours invested to make sure we meet and surpass vendors’ business needs). Our patented platform is secure and creates a fair marketplace that is quick and easy to use. At BrideGenie:

  • We provide vendors with genuine leads for FREE - As a vendor, you are only paying whenever you submit quotes to QUALIFIED leads that match your criteria. There is no upfront cost to use.
  • Couples (not vendors) are our main revenue generators - We drastically reduce wasted time on couples that are not serious. We do this by making sure that couples have to pay to send a request and fill out useful criteria to help you quote faster.
  • We streamline your booking process - Every couple will be given various analytics (Future Release) like market data and pricing (Bell Curve) to ensure they are realistic about their budget BEFORE they contact you. Couples will also be given an active timeline to guide them through the process
  • We are activity based – On BrideGenie, vendors CANNOT buy their way to the top of a list. We are getting rid of the “pay to the top” model that many existing solutions use to favorably feature vendors with higher activity points towards the top of search results. The more a vendor uses the platform, the more activity points they get. And the more activity points they get, the higher they will be listed on BrideGenie.

How much does it cost to use BrideGenie

During this time of COVID19--all fees will be waived.

Under normal operating times--it depends on your vendor status (VIP or Regular). VIP vendor pays half the price of a regular vendor. Average cost is approximately $5.00 for each qualified Service Request you submit a quote for. There is no cost to be on BrideGenie platform or to use any of our features. Brides are charged a nominal fee to send a Request for a quote to eliminate fake requests.

How can I differentiate my quality of work from that of other vendors?

You can personalize your profile to your liking! Publish photos/videos of your work, write a description about your business and packages, link your website and social media accounts, and more! The platform will also log whether a vendor has insurance, is licensed, registered with the Secretary of State, etc.

I am very selective about my leads and don’t want everyone to send me emails. How do you control lead traffic?

We want our vendors to be in control. As a result, only vendors can initiate a conversation with a couple through our in-app messaging feature. Vendors can only message couples that they have quoted.

What criteria is used to match couples and vendors?

After surveying hundreds of vendors from each category, we came up with criteria (for both vendors and couples) to give you as much information as possible to quote accurately. Most of these criteria (some of which is shown below) can be set in the user’s profile.

  • For Vendors:
    • Preferred location, dates, and times for events (Future Release)
    • Minimum amount of budget that a couple must have
    • Maximum distance that you’re willing to travel to for an event
  • For Couples:
    • An event’s location, date, and estimated guest count
    • The maximum budget for a service request for each specific category (ex: DJ, Photography, etc.)

How do I receive service requests from couples?

Based on the booking criteria you set in your profile, you will automatically get notified on any matching leads (service requests) when they are created by couples. Your dashboard will show all available requests as well as any quotes you have submitted, won, or lost.

Will I be rewarded for referring couples to the BrideGenie platform?

YES! If you started working with a couple outside of BrideGenie, you can refer them to create an account with us if they’ve never used our app before.

When creating their account, the couple will be prompted to input a promo code if a vendor referred them to our app. Make sure you direct them to use your promo code (shown on your profile) when referring them to our app!

How do I get my profile to the top of the page? (Work in Progress)

Our ranking system is based on our activity points system, which is a unique algorithm that rewards vendors for booking through the app:

  • Your activity points (within the platform) which can be earned by:
    • Bookings
    • Social media posts
    • Promo code usage
    • Quoting
    • Being active on the platform

What is a promo code and how would I use them?

A promo code is an 8-digit alphanumeric code unique to each vendor. If a couple contacts you directly and you book them outside of BrideGenie, we ask you to direct them to use the app and type in your promo code when prompted during sign-up. Each time someone uses your promo code, you will accumulate activity points. These points are used in our search algorithm to determine your placement within the search results and on the page, and they are also used to determine whether you qualify for VIP vendor status.

What happens if I don’t issue promo codes or no one uses my promo code?

You would be designated a Regular vendor (status reviewed quarterly) and pay the fee a regular vendor would pay. We encourage you to use your promo code because, since this is an equal-opportunity platform, we would like every vendor to be a VIP vendor.

How do I know these are genuine requests and someone is NOT fishing for pricing?

The couple will be paying a fee to send each service request. That will eliminate most of the false requests. Data shows up front fees deter “ghost brides” or those not serious and just shopping for price

How can I provide an accurate quote if I don’t have all the information I need from the couple?

We capture the following info from the couple, plus category specific information, before sending you the service request:

  • Date
  • Location (City or Zip Only)
  • Budget allocated
  • Number of Hours
  • Number of Guests
  • Engagement, Reception, and/or Ceremony
  • Distance between the locations
  • And all other information relevant to your profession

How much is the fee to send a quote?

The fee varies based on the category and your vendor status (Regular vs VIP)

Vendor Category Fee (Regular Vendor) * Fee (VIP Vendor) * Comments
Photographer $ 6.00 $ 3.00 VIP Vendors need to issue
PROMO codes to the brides
Videographer $ 6.00 $ 3.00
Wedding Planner $ 6.00 $ 3.00
DJ $ 6.00 $ 3.00
Venue $ 10.00 $ 5.00

What is the difference between a Vendor and a VIP Vendor?

Is there a time limit before which I have to respond?

Yes, the Service Request will be available for 3 full business days (72 hours, Fri, Sat & Sun not counted).

For example, if the couple sends the request:

Before 8 PM Monday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Thursday
Before 8 PM Tuesday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Friday
Before 8 PM Wednesday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Monday
Before 8 PM Thursday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Tuesday (Following)
Before 8 PM Friday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Wednesday (Following)
Before 8 PM Saturday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Thursday (Following)
Before 8 PM Sunday 🡺 Respond by 8 PM Friday (Following)

Can I purchase packages within BrideGenie?

The ability to purchase quote packages will be available in the Summer of 2020.

How do I send the quote?

You can send the quote through the BrideGenie platform.

How do I control my notifications?

You can control notification settings by updating your preferences in your profile.

What analytics will I receive and how often? (Future Release)

Analytics report would be sent quarterly and will be specific to your profession. They will include trends for both your region and the national average. We will also provide analytics on your business performance, based on ROI, response rate, quote won/lost analysis, and more!

Will I have the contact information of the couple?

Yes! You will be sent the contact information for the couple after they accept your quote.

What if I have some additional questions before I send the quote?

You can use BrideGenie's in-app messenger to reach out to the couple! You can only initiate a conversation with a couple for further clarification AFTER you send a quote.

Please reach out to us if you think we should expand our criteria for a service request!

Can a couple message me first?

No, only you can initiate the first contact after submitting a quote.

How do I know whether any other vendors are participating?

When a lead matches your booking criteria, you will be able to see the service request criteria and how many quotes they have received. You will see the price of the other vendors but NOT THEIR business name.

How do I differentiate myself from a freelancer/newcomer?

We ask questions regarding the professionalism your business has. By entering your EIN number and denoting your insurance levels, you will be distinguished as a wedding professional rather than a freelancer.

What happens if I send a quote and then want to change it?

VIP vendors have the option to send 1 revised quote.

After I submit a quote, can I cancel the quote?

You will not be able to cancel your quote, but you still have the choice to cancel the work with the couple. BrideGenie is only responsible for the initial matching and quoting process. Payment and contract finalization are currently done outside the app.

Are quotes legally binding contracts?

No, the quote is only an estimated value for the work based on the requirement provided by the couple. You will have the option to revise when you meet the couple and finalize the contract. The goal of the questions provided by hundreds of vendors when building the app was aimed at eliminating the need to re quote and to provide best estimates at the time of service. BrideGenie gets feedback from couples on how close the actual contract price was compared to the quote amount to assure accrue quoting.

Does BrideGenie provide standard contracts?

No, you will use your contract agreement (This feature will be available in the future).

Will BrideGenie provide a platform for couples to review my work?

No, there will not be a rating system in the app.