Real weddings FAQ

Delivering Value Through Transparency

BrideGenie is an innovative online marketplace that is going to bring a technological revolution to the wedding industry that it desperately needs. Through our patented software, we are matching couples and vendors based on their booking criteria. We’re simplifying the process by giving you the ability to send/receive quotes and messages, giving both couples and vendors analytics and data based on region, all in an easy to use dashboard.

Now Connecting couples and Vendor in real-time

For the Couples

  • Our platform enables you and your partner to find the perfect vendors that meet your needs and your budget. We’re creating an authentic marketplace, that improves price transparency and encourages healthy competition
  • Plan, book, and manage all of your vendors in a single platform! We currently have the following vendor categories (with many more coming soon):
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Wedding Planner
    • DJ
  • If vendors have additional questions about your event, they can message you directly within the app
  • Our dashboard provides a view of all the vendors who are providing you with a quotes, and all vendors who fit your booking criteria. We’re also providing you with analytics like pricing averages for your area, so you can make educated decisions throughout the process!

For the Vendor: Delivering Qualified Leads and Business Management Tools in a Single Platform

  • BrideGenie enables vendors to set their booking preferences for important booking information, like budget, location, travel preferences, and more! The system will send alerts when you match with couples that meet your criteria and match your availability. Vendors control the conversation through our in-app messaging, by giving only you the ability to initiate the conversation with couples you have quoted.
  • The dashboard provides a clear view of all your active leads, and we are building a dashboard that will act as your CRM, housing business essentials such as your calendar, leads, contacts, contracts, invoices, and more!