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Getting Married? Find your dream team for your BIG DAY

BrideGenie is an awesome app, matching couples with vendors, simplifying the process
and making the booking process faster and easier than ever before!

How it Works

Create your profile for free

Couples and vendors can specify criteria regarding their budget, location, and other booking requirements to match with others that fit their needs. Vendors can fill-out and customize their profile with pictures, social media handles, etc.

Create Your Profile

Receive Competitive Quotes

Any couple that sends out a service request to a vendor on BrideGenie can be sure to receive multiple quotes within 3 business days. Our unique matching process allows vendors and couples to only work with those who fit their booking criteria.

Choose the best quote & book

After the quoting process, Couples and vendors can message each other in-app to ask any needed questions to finalize pricing. We only promote qualified vendors and do not allow quoting below market value, non wedding professionals to participate.

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How BrideGenie simplifies your wedding

At BrideGenie, we are all about quality. Not only are we streamlining the quoting/booking process, but we are matching couples and vendors based on booking criteria that they have defined. We are bringing together the entire industry to create a fair and cohesive marketplace on a beautifully designed, easy-to-use dashboard. We only allow qualified wedding professionals, and do not allow bidding or low balling. Through analytics, communication, transparency, we are unitying a fragmented industry and creating a community for couples and wedding professionals!


Made for Couples

1. Set Criteria for Vendors - Tell us about your event details (budget, number of guests, wedding location, date, and more) to attract the wedding professionals you want to work with.
2. Multiple Quotes Within 3 Days – All qualified vendors that you are matched can now see your active service request! Receive quotes in a timely manner, and manage all communication in one dashboard.
3. In-App Messaging – Directly message the vendors after receiving a quote to start planning for your big day! You can talk more about special circumstances, services, and whatever else is needed to finalize pricing.
4. Real-time Notifications – Want to know EXACTLY when a vendor quotes or messages you? Set your preferences to receive notifications via email and/or push notifications.


1. FREE Lead Generation – You NEVER have to pay to receive leads in BrideGenie. Just sign up, create your profile, and automatically be matched with couples!
2. Only Pay When You Quote – Matched with couples that fit your calendar’s availability and you want to work with? Great! Start the booking process by submitting your quote for a nominal fee.
3. No more race to the bottom or bidding wars – Our platform has a limit on how low vendors can quote based on the couple’s budget for each category (coming soon). We do not allow below market value quoting on our platform because we want the couples to book with wedding professionals that are the best match for them. True wedding professionals know the value of their service, and we support integrity in our community!
4. In-App Messaging – Chat with couples after you send them a quote directly through the app! Ask questions about special circumstances, services, and whatever is needed to seal the deal.
5. Receive Analytics – Want to differentiate yourself from others in the industry? Use our analytics to learn more about your market to increase your margins. (coming soon)

Available on iOS

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instantly match with couples or wedding professionals!

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