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How do I receive quotes from vendors ?

After you submit a service request for a category, all vendors that meet your criteria will be notified. They can review your request, submit a quote, and message you with additional questions. You can view your events, service requests, and quotes on your dashboard."

Who can see my information ?

Only you can see the information on your profile. Your information will be shared in two scenarios:

  • When you submit a service request, matched vendors will be able to view your wedding details on the request
  • After you accept a quote, the chosen vendor receives your contact information so that they can contact you to finish the booking process.

How do I control my notifications ?

You can control how you want to be notified by updating the notification preferences in your profile.

Can I cancel my work with a vendor after accepting their quote ?

You will have to do this outside of BrideGenie. After you accept a quote, the vendor will contact you outside of BrideGenie to finish the booking process. BrideGenie is not associated with any vendors, and only facilitates the initial connection between a vendor and the client."

Can I edit my service request once I have submitted it ?

To accomodate vendors that have already quoted on your service request, you can only edit the service request BEFORE you receive your first quote from a vendor.

How do I access BrideGenie ?

  • You can access the marketplace either via our web app (, IOS app, or Android app (releasing in Fall 2022)
  • You can register with an email & password or via your Google/Facebook account.